What’s at the end of the rainbow, ma….

“What’s at the end of the rainbow?” Asked Bo this afternoon… “Love, Bang… And lots of hopes and happiness…”answered mama.. #lampung #IndonesiaOnly #boetobi – with Fina, Mediodecci, tommy, Istiadzah, Rudi, Fajar, Arie, Nurul, sesha pratama, Indri, and Anang

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Jumping around @Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Truly one fine day at Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna..

It was part of our last-minute Easter break trip in 2010 :D..

Amidst never-ending frantic works at the office, we managed to plan the trip to Vienna, Bratislava, et Prague in 4 days..

Thank God all were settled on the last minute and off we went together with Mba Lela et Maksu πŸ˜€

Intensively consulting viamichelin, it was 7-hour trip to Salzburg, another 3-hour to Vienna, 40-minute to Bratislava, et 3-hour to Prague…not to forget 9-hour trip back to GE..plus 2 extra hours due to traffic jam :D….

First stop…Salzburg…we arrived at 5 am, sleepy and cold, as the weather dropped to one digit…

Next, Vienna….one of the most beautiful cities in Europe…and thanks to our dear, lovely hosts, H.E. Ambassador Puja et Ibu Rus..Vienna indeed looks much more colorful with them. Our gratitude to the warm welcome and full-of-joy stay in Wisma…it was an incredible, unforgettable moment we need to share more..once again, thanks a million for everything…great food, great friends, et great times..

While strolling around Schonbrunn Palace, jumping around is Bo’s favorite…


Boooo…I can see your tummy :D…


uuuplaaa….happy Bo :D…


The Enchanting La Alhambra….

This historical and religious site really took our breath away…

Lost in its endless beauty and enchanting charms, Bo, my munchkin and I were totally awed when we visited this incredible place in 2009…

Words cannot describe our feelings for witnessing this magnificent landmark of Islam in Iberian Peninsula.

Here are some photos taken by my hubby during our visit there..