Ma colorful turtle..

😇😘💜 my favorite turtle at the UN, lovely gift from Panama…

Okay…. I have to admit that I might sound like a broken record, but I miss diving..terribly…

Btw, have you been to the UN headquarter here in New York? Despite my constant whining on diving, I just like to recommend anyone coming to NY to take some time to visit this lovely and historical building.

So many beautiful art works ..including from Indonesia…I’ll write it separately btw, about Indonesian Lounge at the UN HQ. How cool is that :)..

And the one above is one of the artworks donated to the UN by states, particularly Panama. Lovely isn’t it. It comes in a huge size, but I just take the turtle part because I miss swimming with turtles…

Again…I miss diving #longsigh…

“Tho’ I miss swimming together the original ones, terribly 😢😭 #kangendiving #baladajauh #mulaiii –


with Chiara, Vivi, Fina, Mediodecci, Nadia, Rudi, Fajar, Arie, Rima, Indri, Lita, Nona, Anang, and Judith at United Nations Headquarters

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