My favorite books..ever..:)

Highlight of the day.. Amidst my never-ending-reports at the office :)) πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‹πŸ˜˜ ..

My favorite books have finally arriveeed..

Laura Ingalls et Roald Dahl.. oh yeaaaah :D..

I just love them…their books have pretty much colored my younger days and taught me a lot :). Seriously, I learn about sisterhood, home cooking, traveling, friendship so many more from those pages. I guess I build my passion for travelling and exploring the world from Laura as well :D..And Roald? oh the world of possibilities….how imagination becomes borderless with his stories :).

And I found this website here where I can look and shop for those beautiful books..for cheap price! And here I am, buying 14 books in one go hehehe…Yaaay.. And I Β still have more books to go as I have only received 7 of them :).

I really love reading and I found solace in reading good, nutritious books since kids. I certainly hope my kids will love reading too..

Can’t wait can’t wait…

– with Fina, Lidya, Indah Julianti, Ceritaeka, Chiara, Istiadzah, Rudi, Salina, Fajar, Rima, Indri, Caroline, eda, Irma, Nona, Mira, Winda, and Dinie at Indonesian Mission to the UN

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