BFF’s craziness :)…

standing tall by the UN HQ Building, NY 🙂

A lil’ BFF reunion will always bring out the crazy ‘you’, rite…

Mingling closely to someone who makes you feel comfy is heaven :)..

Cheers, girls… Hope you will always cherish it, for the rest of your sweet life ♥ ..

Frankly, I really miss my colorful-filled-with-laughter-et-fun days in our petit Geneva ♥♥♥.. –

with LUDY, Yoske, Rian, Yasmin, nur, Rudi, and Etty at United Nations

View on Path

4 thoughts on “BFF’s craziness :)…

  1. itu.. dimana? kok viewnya kece abis ._.

  2. aduuh..biasa aja kaliii hehehehe….aku jadi ikutan megap-megaap niih 🙂

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