Obi @UNHQ …

Cheeers yooo :))…’

Jadi ceritanya Obi pengen ikut mama ke UN..untungnya lagi ngg ada sidang, so she can come with me peacefully. Then we just took a quick tour, as I was in the UN to escort one of our guests from Jakarta who needed to do his research at the UN Library.

This is actually part of the souvenir shop,.

But perhaps, noting the high demand (including from me 🙂 ) for perfect photo spot here without entering the meeting rooms, these UN logo and flag have been strategically placed here..

And percaya ngga, we do have a line-up, too ;p – ternyata rame juga lhooo yang pengen berpose dan difoto di sini, sebelum dilanjutkan dengan acara belanja souvenir khas UN di pojokan :).

So, mohon iziiin…kami foto dulu yaaa  ♥


with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at United Nations

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One thought on “Obi @UNHQ …

  1. 😉 waaahh…senangnya sudah sampai di UNHQ. Great opportunity! Obi mau tidak berkarir jadi UN diplomat nanti? 😉

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