Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Ancient whispers..silently sending messages to our hearts…

Dialogue, Weekly Photo Challenge for this week…


a penny for your thought …

Prambanan Temple, Jogjakarta, Indonesia


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Strawberry Fields, Central Park


Let me take you down
coz I’m going to
strawberry fields…
Nothing is real…

And you may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one…

It was a bit of a mixed feelings…standing there, at the ceramic mosaic displaying one of the most famous and legendary songs from John Lennon, grasping all peaceful its lyrics and silently crying for his untimely departure, occurred not far from that very spot…


… – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Strawberry Fields

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“Living life in peace…”
Wish it were all the simple…
But I won’t stop imagining…
Coz “reality leaves a lot to the imagination…
Thanks, JL..

Strawberry Fields, Central Park
One cloudy afternoon.. – with Rudi, Obi, and Bo at Strawberry Fields

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Pesta Rakyat 2014 #NYC – Obi :)

Obi pun kangeeeeen #Indonesia :)..

Liat sawah dengan padi menguning, liuk terasiring dan gadis cantik yang membawa persembahan untuk sang dewa dewi..

Mari kita fotooo 🙂


#pestarakyat2014 #NYC – with Rudi, Gita, Chiara, Bo, and Obi at Landmark On The Park

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Pesta Rakyat 2014 @ NYC

#pestarakyat2014 #NYC


Setiap tahunnya, Konsulat Jenderal RI di New York menyelenggarakan Pesta Rakyat di mana seluruh masyarakat Indonesia yang berada di sekitar New York City bisa datang, berkumpul, gembira ria sambil menikmati beragam hiburan dan aneka kuliner dan produk Indonesia serta aneka informasi dari tanah air tercinta..

Seru? Pasti dooong…dan yang pasti pesertanya rameeee, jualan makanannya yummy et the ambiance is sooo vibrant 🙂

– with Rudi, Chiara, Bo, and Obi at Landmark On The Park

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Under the bridge ♡♡♡ ..morniiiing yooo.. It’s good to see the clear blue sky and be out again :). #inhaledeeply 🙂 Happy long weekend to y ‘ all here … stiches are visibly there but I’m healing :)..alhamdulillaaah. .. – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at AKA NYC

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