Lucky me….


It’s not easy at all when you can’t move around after the mastectomy, especially busy bee like me. And most of the time, after being discharged from the hospital, I need more helps from others even for simple things like changing clothes or piling enough pillows on my bed. It can be frustrating sometimes, again if you are always active or being the master of your own house and your own body. Well, I just had to be a bit more patience  🙂 and heal perfectly.

And despite the fact that I have a nice visiting nurse coming to my house, I still have the best nurse ever around.  Who else but my lovely hubby :).  I ♥ u soooo pak 🙂

Just had my bandage changed with the fresh one by the best nurse in the world…

Merciiii Bapak Rudi Frakarsa ♡♡♡♡♡….

– with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Astoria, NY

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