My chemo fun corner :)

Cheers from a cozy corner of NYU Clinical Cancer Center :).

Well, I don;t know how to put it in a nicer way but again, going through a chemo can really change your life. Or at least your appearance. In my case, I lost so much hair so I decided to shave it bald, together with my hubby. So, we are Mr. and Mrs Baldy 1 and 2, just like my kids sweetly call us. This is my third chemotherapy. I will have it for 4 times, then followed by 12 times-each-week-through-the-IV medicine that I have. That would complete my chemo regime but surely I still have to wait for a while before calling it a day.

Meanwhile, cheers and keep up the good spirit as well as smiles 🙂

#chemo #breastcancer #roadmaptowellness – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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5 thoughts on “My chemo fun corner :)

  1. Sorry ada apa berita mbak? 😦

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