Ada yang mauuuu sate padaaaang 😍😇😉

Come and join us here yaaaa..

The First Indonesian Street Fair here in New York City yooo ..
On the 68th st between Madison and 5th Avenue
At the Consulate General of Indonesia in NYC

Come and explore the beauty of my beloved country, Indonesia

Get closer, explore, fall in ❤️❤️❤️ and join us …

See you all soon

#inastreetfairNYC #indonesianstreetfestivalNYC #IndonesiaNYC #InainNYC #70th #ayokerja #streetfestival – with Chiara, Vivi, Fina, Rudi, Masni, Endah, Fajar, Arie Tomat, Fifi, Rima, Shinta, Yvonne, Gita, Nona, lilis, and kamapradipta at Indonesian Consulate General NYC

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