I am literally crying seeing this..


Such a huge support and love for those who are currently fighting breast cancer and other tules of cancer 😍😍

To all the fighters, to all the survivors and to those in our loving memories who fight the same battle.

To my aunty Mira Wulandari Boissevain, my dearest Mba Rian Suryantoro, ma chΓ©rie Mba Dita, dearest friends mba Tri Wahyuni Zuhri, mba Deasy Burhan, and all families and friends who are fighting it with endless courage, faith, love and faith!

Makasiiih banyaaak ya mak Shinta Ries et teman-teman Blogger Perempuan untuk dukungannya 😘😘😘😘😘. You make this this girl supeeeeer happy 😍😍😍

Together we can fight it!
We are indeed stronger together


@BPerempuan @MakeStridesNYC

#GoPink #breastcancerawarenessmonth #jakartagoespink #againstbreastcancer #makingstfidesagainstbreastcancer #strongertogether #makingstridesNYC #earlydetection #SaDaRi – with Vivi, Rudi, Shintaries, Fajar, lilis, Rian, and Mira at The Oasis

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