The movie is called “Lady Ganga”, the story of Michele Baldwin, who, despite the fact that she was diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer, she decided to break the world record paddle boarding the Ganges River.

All is documented as she wanted to raise awareness about cervical cancer. About the importance of early detection. About the need to have access to HPV vaccine, which causes this deadly but preventable disease.

Very inspiring indeed.

And I cried like a river watching it.

Seeing her undying spirit. And commitment to help others avoid the same situation as her.

Google it. The movie is available for all to see. So that together, we ban spread the word. We can fight cancer.

We can. I can

Let’s make a difference and help us fight cancer together

#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan #cancer #harikankersedunia #4feb #cancer #EWECisME #LadyGanga #MicheleBaldwin #earlydetection #cervicalcancer #HPVvaccination #HPV – with Rudi at ECOSOC Chamber

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