This dress is indeed is one of my favorites!
Such an iconic dress, with thousands of natural Lombok pearls, exquisite designs and jaw-dropping details. It’s so surreal..

Photo session for PEARLASIA, Anniesa Hasibuan for 2016 Couture New York Fashion Week 😘😘😘

#AnniesaHasibuan #AHforNYFW #NewYorkFashionWeekPressGathering #FashionCouture #NYFW #AnniesaHasibuanOfficial #AnniesaHasibuanCouture #AHPearlAsia #photosession #sleepyhollow – with Nera, Chiara, Anniesa, Afida, Rudi, SarahAzka, Arizkan, SSFW-OFFICIAL, Hanna, Carolina, Fuadi, murni, Ibnu, Aldivo, Indah, AfidaSukma, and Ariska Permana at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

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