I eagerly accepted it! 😘😘😘😘

I was nominated to post pictures that make me happy to be a mom. I’m going to pick the ladies that I think are fabulous moms and can rise up to the challenge of posting pics of their own. If I’ve tagged you, copy the text and paste it to your wall with your own pics.

I was nominated by my dear Mba Rian Suryantoro, a marvelous mom, a wonderful cancer warrior and a fantastic friend. Hugs huuugs..

These pictures are vivid reminders of how blessed I am to be surrounded by Allah SWT’s greatest gifts. Through joy and sorrow, with endless laughs and tears, together with Bapak Udi, insya Allah we will walk in our path with My Rabb’s guidance.
Merci Gusti.. Alhamdulillaaah 😘😘😘😘 – with Dian, Dieny Maya, Nunki, Rudi, Rian, Fifi, Nevy, novie, Annisa, and Lyqu NY at Astoria, NY

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