My 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

We are indeed blessed! To be able to see mother nature at her best 😇😇😇

Merci ya Rabb…

At first, we were a bit pessimistic about driving along to Glacier Point as the road was closed until mid May (as publicly announced). Then at noon on our 3rd day at Yosemite National Park, the road was opened. Yes, it was open and we managed to get to the Glacier Point to see this majestic, incomparable valley from high above. On the way to the top, we stopped at Washburn Point to enjoy this breathtaking scenery.

Overlooking Half Dome, Liberty Cap, Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall, it was indeed an amazing sight.

Subhanallah cantiknyaaaaa 😇😇😇
Truly Allah SWT’s masterpiece 😇😘😇😘

#washburnpoint #halfdome #nevadafall #vernalfall #yosemitenationalpark #nationalparkservice #npscentennial #findyourpark #california #thefrakarsas #springbreak #alhamdulilah #myitchyfeet #amazinglandscapeusa – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Washburn Point

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