Last day in San Fransisco, California

Our last day in this beautiful city by the Bay 😘😘😘😘

We managed to have a brief stop at the famous-but-oh-so-crowded Fisherman Wharf. Peeping thr superstars of Pier 39, the sea lions. How lovely it was to hear their audible songs in a sunny afternoon.

We could not stay too long, though.. As our flight was waiting. Hope to see you around, SF.

#sealions #pier39 #sanfransisco #california #nationalparkservice #onthego #thefrakarsas #goingwest #springbreak #myitchyfeety #amazingcities #subhanallah #alhamdulillah – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Pier 39 Marina

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2 thoughts on “Last day in San Fransisco, California

  1. Itu patung ikan lomba-lomba kah ?

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