And Obi, who keeps saying “tomorrow is a special day, mom” since yesterday, presented these lovely token of love this morning.

Early morning, from my bedroom’s door.
On her way to the toilet πŸ˜‹.

“You gotta wear the tiara the whole day, okay” claimed Obi with her funny face

Hari ibu mungkin hanya dirayakan setahun sekali.
Atau at least 2 kali.
A la US dan di penghujung tahun di tanah air.

And to me it’s not about having big hugs and kisses, many gifts, or cute cards from the kids. Or about having ‘me-time-mother’s-day-special.

It’s about being genuinely loved.
One of the most powerful sources of energy which will encourage you to be a better person each and every day.

And the warm as well as ecstatic feelings of being loved by ma petite family is constant.
Wherever we are.

Peluk kangeeen untuk Nenek Lilis 😘😘😘😘
Dan semua ibu tercinta di mana pun berada.

#happymothersday #happymama #alhamdulillah – with Vivi, Fina, Rudi, Fajar, Arie Tomat, lilis, Bo, and Obi at Astoria, NY

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