Ayoooo ikuuutan yaaaa teman-teman yang ada di Jakarta dan sekitarnyaaa

Maafkan tag berjamaah but I sincerely hope you all can join our movement during this beautiful #breastcancerawareness month.

And look who’s supporting #lovepinkindonesia and all its great works!

501st LEGION
9 October 2016
Altira Business Park

Siap-siap foto bareng dgn
STAR WARS character sambil berdonasi untuk LOVEPINK 💗

Ditunggu ya.. !

#501stIndonesia – with Vivi, Istiadzah, muti, Mellia, Nevy, Nurmawati, Anis, Nera, Melly, Arie , Anniesa, Mira Sahid, Arief , Dian, Ade, Caroline, Rian, Oky, Rudi, Fajar, lilis, Nunki, Lita, Ade, and Mira at New York City

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