Happy happy birthday, Laura Ingalls Wilder…
Enjoying her stories?
I do… even up until now ♥️♥️

Those endless winter days, traveling far, living in the dug house, saving Charlotte and becoming a lovely teacher are just a few highlights of her rich-with-adventure life.

I grew up reading her incredible journey, learned a lot about embracing life and always admired her spirit!

To me, she’s the exemplary example on how the mosaics of life, no matter how ugly it can be, bring out the best of you 😇

Lucky me, I can get a complete set of her book here.. yaaaay 😇😇😇
Plus some extra illustrated copies from her early days for Bo et Obi 😘.

I hope they, as well as you, will find her books as captivating as I do 😘😘😘 – with Rudi, Rima, and Mellia at Astoria, NY

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