Throwback: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Some snaps from our spring break trip at Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic!

It was one lovely spring indeed!

CB 1

Charles Bridge at night!

We were enjoying the Spring Break during Easter celebration and decided to travel to the other side of Europe, heading to Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague. Certainly it was a cramped 5 days on the road to see some of the most beautiful countries in Western and Central Europe.

CB 2

walking along the river…

CB 4

One of the statues at Charles was a cloudy day indeed..

CB 6

Bo and I enjoying this famous bridge..look at the original tiles back from centuries ago!

CB 10

Overlooking the cute residential areas in Prague..

CB 11

Tante Nur, Bo and I…we just loved the breeze..

CB 12

Don’t you agree with me how beautiful Prague is?

CB 14

The three of us..Obi was apparently on her way without me even realizing it yet 🙂

Well, we managed to drive from Geneva to Salzburg, the land of Sound of Music, then Vienna, Bratislava and Prague!

Spending 2 night and 1 day in Prague proved to be inadequate! We got a chance to see the astronomical clock tower, the very famous landmark in Prague and walked around a bit, heading to Charles Bridge. We shopped some incredibly famous crystal glassware from here as well. But Prague has a lot more to offer. Too bad the time constraints forced us to leave this city prematurely, before exploring more. So that means we need to come back again to this beautiful city.

Hope to see you around soon, Prague.

One thought on “Throwback: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

  1. Stunning place! I bet tourists love this place

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