Happy Earth Day

Never forget that we only have one earth, that we need to take care of till the end of our lives.

Our home. Our planet. Our shared future!

I know there are many simple yet important things we can do to save our beloved earth. Joining the earth hour is one, while you can also stop littering, save the water, use energy wisely, stop using plastic, bring your environmental bag and tumbler everywhere, plant more trees dan reduce, reuse as well as recycle.

The pandemic has shown us how taking a break, a big break, is actually good for our earth. Cleaner sky, river, and air. It makes me wonder whether all the damages on earth are simply caused by us :(.

Here are some photos my hubby and I took along our journey here and there which should remind me,- and all of us – how beautiful mother nature is. And we have to keep here clean and beautiful.

Happy Earth Day

Let’s keep our earth clean, healthy and beautiful

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