Рwith Rudi, Indah Nuria, Bo, and Obi at Noum̩a

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The Amazing Alhambra, Granada, Spain

I have nothing else to say but Alhambra complex in Granada, Spain is AMAZING!

alhambra 3

Welcome to Alhambra

Perjalanan via darat yang kami tempuh dari Barcelona menuju Madrid, Toledo, Zargoza, lalu turun ke Cordoba, Granada, Valencia dan kembali ke Barcelona memang luar biasa memorable! Bener-bener perjalanan roadtrip yang membuka hati, jiwa dan raga deh pokoknya! alias KEREN hehehe.

Bayangin aja! Kita terbang dari Geneve, Switzerland dengan Easy Jet, budget airline kecintaan sejuta umat di dataran Eropa gara-gara harganya yang aduhai ramahnya buat dompet, bareng segambreng orang-orang yang melarikan diri dari dinginnya Geneve (saat itu) menuju Barcelona di selatan Eropa yang hangat. Berbekal PD yang berlimpah, sedikit bahasa Spanyol andelan (muchas gracias, mi amigo!) dan info dari Trip Advisor plus aneka blog, kami pun semangat roadtrip selama 9 hari, bareng Bo yang waktu itu baru berusia 4 tahun! Huhu…semangat traveling sambil bawa segala gembolan susu, popok, makanan anak-anak plus plus.

But obviously it was not our first road trip, so kita asyik-asyik aja tuh jalan ke sana-sini dengan mobil sewaan plus campur subwyat, tram, bus dan jalan kaki yang lumayan banyak.

Btw, sebelum cerita komplitnya keluar, mau posting teaser fotonya dulu deh! And I will start it with Alhambra, walaupun perjalanan kita di Spanyol sebenarnya dimulai dari Barcelona, yang juga ngga kalah kerennya. Dan sebagai peringatan, Alhambra itu kompleks yang luas banget! Di situ ada beberapa landmarks, antara lain Nasrid Palace atau istana Nasrid, Palace of the Lions (terjemahannya kan jadi Istana Para Singa..kok ngga banget ya :)) dan juga Alcazaba, yang merupakan sisa-sisa runtuhan benteng di kompleks ini. Sebenarnya juga ada Istana Charles IV tapi karena relatif baru dan kita juga sudah sempat keliling ke banyak negara Eropa (uhuuk maaf bukan sombong :p), jadi kita ngga begitu semangat keliling dan foto-foto di sini.

Hope you enjoy it!

alhambra 1

The tiles in the Nasrid Palace

Alhambra 2

Cheers from Mama Bo et Obi 🙂

alhambra 1

The reflection

palace of l kaligrafi

The calligraphy


alcazaba 1

It was still the three of us 🙂

Some of the photos were taken by my hubby, Udi, while some are taken by me. We obviously took turn of taking care of eagerly-running-around Bo while visiting this place.

These are only some of the photos from tons of them we took during our visit. BRB yaaaa…dan semoga suka juga liat Alhambra yang luar biasa cantiknya ini. Salam #myitchyfeet 🙂


Throwback: Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Some snaps from our spring break trip at Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic!

It was one lovely spring indeed!

CB 1

Charles Bridge at night!

We were enjoying the Spring Break during Easter celebration and decided to travel to the other side of Europe, heading to Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava, and Prague. Certainly it was a cramped 5 days on the road to see some of the most beautiful countries in Western and Central Europe.

CB 2

walking along the river…

CB 4

One of the statues at Charles Bridge..it was a cloudy day indeed..

CB 6

Bo and I enjoying this famous bridge..look at the original tiles back from centuries ago!

CB 10

Overlooking the cute residential areas in Prague..

CB 11

Tante Nur, Bo and I…we just loved the breeze..

CB 12

Don’t you agree with me how beautiful Prague is?

CB 14

The three of us..Obi was apparently on her way without me even realizing it yet 🙂

Well, we managed to drive from Geneva to Salzburg, the land of Sound of Music, then Vienna, Bratislava and Prague!

Spending 2 night and 1 day in Prague proved to be inadequate! We got a chance to see the astronomical clock tower, the very famous landmark in Prague and walked around a bit, heading to Charles Bridge. We shopped some incredibly famous crystal glassware from here as well. But Prague has a lot more to offer. Too bad the time constraints forced us to leave this city prematurely, before exploring more. So that means we need to come back again to this beautiful city.

Hope to see you around soon, Prague.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Who are big fans of Harry Potter here?

I do! And I love it so much I keep growing my collection of the complete series of it :).

So far, I have all the books in English, bahasa Indonesia, and now we have new additions, the pictorial books of Harry Potter series. Jim Kay illustrations to the stories of Harry, Ron, Hermione and friends’ adventures are indeed incredible! I have got the first 2 pictorial books, the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets, last year. So when I saw the third pictorial book is coming, I didn’t think too much nor too long, I just snatched it!.

So, do you like Harry Potter as well?Do you collect the books? Which one is your favorite?


– with Rudi, Indah Nuria, and Bo at Costco Wholesale

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Vivi Zubedi for NYFW 2018

Super excited to welcome another brilliant Indonesian Fashion Designer to New York City, especially to NYFW 2018!

This time we have Vivi Zubedi, a famous hijab designer from Indonesia, joining those emerging designers for one of the world’s most-wanted-and-sought fashion show. Proudly presenting Urang Banua, Vivi is back with strong message: Women Empowerment! As Vivi traveled to the remote area in South Kalimantan, she met many strong, inspiring women producing the hand-woven Sasirangan and Tenun Pagatan, which became the main fabrics used in Vivi’s collections for NYFW 2018.

Untukmu, Banua! Vivi Zubedi for NYFW 2018


– with Andre at Permanent Mission of Indonesia to the United Nations

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Happy 11th, Bo!

Wishing you nothing but the best for the coming future, Abang Booooo!

11 years old already! How time flew! And I remember vividly when we were so rejoiced in welcoming me you to this world! My tiny baby, born in Melbourne while we were studying, is now one big, healthy 6th grade boy who enjoys school and makes the most of it!

Blessed you always, honey! May Allah always shower you with His love, blessings, and protections!

– with lilis, Rudi, Indah Nuria, Bo, and Obi at New York City

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Sweet 7th for Princess Obi

Sweets for my sweet!


December is certainly a great month for the Frakarsas :).

We are celebrating 3 birthday and 1 anniversary! How fun!

So now, to start this joyous month, we celebrated Obi’s 7th birthday. My baby girl who is no longer tiny nor baby :). May Allah SWT always protect you, love, wherever you are and in every step of your way. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..

– with lilis, Rudi, Indah Nuria, Bo, and Obi at Astoria NY

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