My Little Snow White…

the photo was a bit shaky in that cold morning 🙂 Have fuuuun Obi…

Ms. Snow white is ready for action :). 

Together with her class, Obi will be out for an hour in the surrounding areas, snatching candies and chocolate 🙂

So, yeaah…the UPK will celebrate halloween with a little out-of-the-class tour wearing costumes. That includes the teachers as well :). Then they sent the letter asking for permission whether the kids can come to school wearing costumes and whether they can go out and have some candies. We have to return the form to the class so that they can start enjoying the day. Like many of the girls, Obi was a bit obsessed with Elsa and Anna from Frozen, actually. But knowing the popularity of this character, I imagined there would be tons of Elsa marching together :). So, after a nice, sweet talk with Obi, she finally agreed to be Snow White this time. And I can say she wore it well, with her wavy black hair and pretty hair ribbon. Looks like we have made a great choice ♥

I hope you’re warm enough for the walk, love ..

Have fuuun.. – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi

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