yummy yummy……

I don’t know about you but I loveeee Indonesian food :).

Okaaay….I’m Indonesian so it is indeed the most natural thing  in this world if I’m crazy about food from home.

And since we are living far, far away from home, any invitations involving Indonesian food will be delightedly accepted :). Of course, we’re not in the position to say no most of the time (lucky us 🙂 ), but since great food, good friends and lovely kids will be around, why not?

And this time, we have our ‘welcoming party’ hosted by my senior at his house…and if you have seen  the previous photo,  ini juga mantaaaap sodara-sodaraaaa…

Sambel goreng udang, telor puyuh et pete… Plus ayam opoooor….

merci Uda Masni et Uni Linda 😇 Alhamdulillaaaah…

#weekend #lunchies #padangfood – with Istiadzah, Rudi, Masni, Arie, Ana, Rima, Indri, Yvonne, and Anang at Forest Hill

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