Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent…

I can’t help but uploading this photo right away here

Descent, this week’s weekly photo challenge, is what represents this photo I freely took while my little brother enjoyed his skin diving at Kelagian island, Lampung, in our home town. Descending almost to the bottom of the sea…

How I miss my family and the deep blue sea 🙂

At the bottom of Kelagian island, Lampung

At the bottom of Kelagian island, Lampung















Here are some of the entry you might be interested to see 🙂







Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture…

Texture…it certainly will catch your attention whenever you see one..

frond oyster at Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia..

or this one as well..

the ceiling at the Mexuar, Nasrid Palace, La Alhambra

So, what’s your texture? Join Weekly Photo Challenge and get more interesting entries..








Missing Lampung and its pristine water…

Well…I might sound like a broken record..

But truly, I miss diving, snorkeling or even strolling around the beach with its crystal clear and pristine water…

I miss Lampung, my beloved hometown…

And now looking at those photos, let me just share some of the beautiful creatures and nature-dweller found during our last trip to Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung, Indonesia..

powdery sandy beach, clear blue sky and crystal clear water...

powdery sandy beach, clear blue sky and crystal clear water…

The pipe fish...

The pipe fish…



more pipe fish

more pipe fish

the corals..

the corals..

the giant clams

the giant clam

We call it ikan bendera

We call it ikan bendera

Ajay, my little brother, venturing the deep water..

Ajay, my little brother, venturing the deep water..

my cousin Elmo, enjoying the water..

my cousin Elmo, enjoying the water..


Kangen Nemo…

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Ceritanya lagi bersantai ria menikmati libur Independence Day hari ini di rumah… Karena niatnya mau update blog, yang ada bongkar-bongkar fotoooo deh…dan as always, tangan plus mata ini selaluuu tertarik untuk membuka foto-foto diving di Indonesia… Aku kangeeeen diiiviiiiiing…hiks… Well, terakhir diving sudah hampir 2 bulan yang lalu. Dan ibarat ikan yang dipisahkan dari air, […]

Ma colorful turtle..

😇😘💜 my favorite turtle at the UN, lovely gift from Panama…

Okay…. I have to admit that I might sound like a broken record, but I miss diving..terribly…

Btw, have you been to the UN headquarter here in New York? Despite my constant whining on diving, I just like to recommend anyone coming to NY to take some time to visit this lovely and historical building.

So many beautiful art works ..including from Indonesia…I’ll write it separately btw, about Indonesian Lounge at the UN HQ. How cool is that :)..

And the one above is one of the artworks donated to the UN by states, particularly Panama. Lovely isn’t it. It comes in a huge size, but I just take the turtle part because I miss swimming with turtles…

Again…I miss diving #longsigh…

“Tho’ I miss swimming together the original ones, terribly 😢😭 #kangendiving #baladajauh #mulaiii –


with Chiara, Vivi, Fina, Mediodecci, Nadia, Rudi, Fajar, Arie, Rima, Indri, Lita, Nona, Anang, and Judith at United Nations Headquarters

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