#BoetObi @ the UN: waiting…

Tante Ellen et Tante Nona, ini delegasinya manaaa…

Obi dah tungguin niih :)..

So, setelah keliling sebentar, anak-anak mulai sibuk bilang lapaar dan kita pun terdampar di UN delegates lounge, tempat Mama Bo et Obi biasa bertemu dengan counterparts untuk berdiskusi tentang berbagai hal, seperti rancangan resolusi dan teman-temannya :). SO this time, it feels like Bo et Obi are waiting for their own delegations :). Love the wall Persia carpet donated by the Government of Iran, by the way. So rich in color and texture…

– with Nona, Rudi, Ellen, Bo, and Obi at UN Delegates Lounge

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@BoetObi @ the UN: Quick bites…

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So here we areee…. I don’t call it a UN tour as we only visited a few spots, not even stepping out to the rose garden that I love sooo much :). But since it’s lunch time already, the kids start complaining how hungry they are. Me, too, actually 🙂 As the end of the […]


#BoetObi @the UN: VIP guests..

Guess what…

It’s Friday…so, I think most of the world runs a little bit slower today. Including down here…

And I have my Friday VIP guests :)..Yuuup, Bo et Obi come along with mommy …

– with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at United Nations

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Obi @UNHQ …

Cheeers yooo :))…’

Jadi ceritanya Obi pengen ikut mama ke UN..untungnya lagi ngg ada sidang, so she can come with me peacefully. Then we just took a quick tour, as I was in the UN to escort one of our guests from Jakarta who needed to do his research at the UN Library.

This is actually part of the souvenir shop,.

But perhaps, noting the high demand (including from me 🙂 ) for perfect photo spot here without entering the meeting rooms, these UN logo and flag have been strategically placed here..

And percaya ngga, we do have a line-up, too ;p – ternyata rame juga lhooo yang pengen berpose dan difoto di sini, sebelum dilanjutkan dengan acara belanja souvenir khas UN di pojokan :).

So, mohon iziiin…kami foto dulu yaaa  ♥


with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at United Nations

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Purple, purple..

We’re pretty much color-coordinated, aren’t we :)) 😇😘😋.. Or in mama’s case, purple-color-blind 💜💜💜😜 .. So, as purple is mama’s favorite color, no wonder if Obi’s wardrobe is pretty much influenced 😍. And so far, I hear no complaints from her :).

With Queensborough Bridge as the background, it was a lovely day #BoetObi #UN – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at United Nations

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BFF’s craziness :)…

standing tall by the UN HQ Building, NY 🙂

A lil’ BFF reunion will always bring out the crazy ‘you’, rite…

Mingling closely to someone who makes you feel comfy is heaven :)..

Cheers, girls… Hope you will always cherish it, for the rest of your sweet life ♥ ..

Frankly, I really miss my colorful-filled-with-laughter-et-fun days in our petit Geneva ♥♥♥.. –

with LUDY, Yoske, Rian, Yasmin, nur, Rudi, and Etty at United Nations

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Afternoon sky…

Let’s have a gooood lunch break, shall we 😇😘😋🗽 –

Just love taking pictures outside of the UN premise..right in the back of the UNHQ..

with Ichsan, Vivi, Fina, Mediodecci, Nadia, tommy, Rudi, Fajar, Arie, Indri, Lita, and Anang at United Nations

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