Life is a journey….

Step aside…

I’m ready to start my adventure in this new year 🙂
Otw to my first chemo in 2015 ♥. Tidak terasa, dari 2 fase kemoterapi yang saya jalani, fase kedua yang mengharuskan saya menjalani 12 kali kemo dengan Taxol dan Herceptin sudah saya tuntaskan setengahnya. Masih ada 6 terapi lagi yang harus saya lewati tiap minggunya di tahun yang baru ini.
Semangaaaaaat… Sang Pemberi Kehidupan tidak pernah tidur dan selalu memberikan skenario hidup terindah untuk kita semua. Percayalah…

Banyak yang saya renungi sejak resmi menjadi penderita kanker payudara bulan Juli tahun 2014 lalu. Terutama segala kenikmatan yang telah dipercayakan oleh-Nya untukku dan keluargaku. Alhamdulillaaaaah…ujian kali ini justru membuat hidup kami lebih baik. Prioritas menjadi jelas, keluarga semakin dekat dan sekali lagi, Tuhan tidak pernah tidur. Segala kekuatan dan semangat yang dititipkan-Nya padaku membuat segalanya jadi lebih mudah dijalani. Tuhan memang sayang kita semua :).

Happy New Year everyone….

#chemo #breastcancer #roadmaptowellness – with Rudi

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Sasirangan and hospital dress :)

My Sasirangan skirt and sneakers match the hospital linen :). It’s greeny day indeed.

Do you know what Sasirangan is? It is one of the traditional hand-made fabrics of Kalimantan. I got it in Banjarmasin, in one of my visits to the land of Borneo. I picked teal color as I have too many purple already. And here it is, I made it a skirt and I was wearing it to my chemo today :).

Well, another round of chemo and here I am..ready or not, I have to simply embrace, enjoy and get it through..

#NYUCancerCenter – with Rudi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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My chemo jewelry parade :)

Well, first of all, nothing fun about chemotherapy, but you can certainly vamp it up a little bit. Especially in my case, where the third chemo is right around the corner and I have to go through it, for sure.

So, the color for today is pink (with a touch of purple of course 🙂 ). I got my pink dress, my pink bag and I’m glad I have my fave beaded bracelets today ;). They look pretty much like one of those lovely hand-made beads from home but I actually got them here.

Okay, happy chemo day 🙂

#chemo #breastcancer – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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My chemo fun corner :)

Cheers from a cozy corner of NYU Clinical Cancer Center :).

Well, I don;t know how to put it in a nicer way but again, going through a chemo can really change your life. Or at least your appearance. In my case, I lost so much hair so I decided to shave it bald, together with my hubby. So, we are Mr. and Mrs Baldy 1 and 2, just like my kids sweetly call us. This is my third chemotherapy. I will have it for 4 times, then followed by 12 times-each-week-through-the-IV medicine that I have. That would complete my chemo regime but surely I still have to wait for a while before calling it a day.

Meanwhile, cheers and keep up the good spirit as well as smiles 🙂

#chemo #breastcancer #roadmaptowellness – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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My chemo gift from the heart :)

A lil gift from my friend, Ricky, who always be so cheerful et gentle while drawing my blood here at the Cancer Center…As you know, before I start my chemo, I will have to go through certain tests to make sure that my blood counts are enough and I’m basically fit for the next phase. So, blood tests are parts of the procedures. Thanks to Ricky, I can just go and pass it with smiles on my face.

Well, the whole process is about hope, courage and faith…just like what this lovely pin represents.
And I’m blessed to be surrounded by great people whom I can never thank enough ♡♡♡

Alhamdulillah 🙂 – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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Early Detection…

Please note ladies…early detection is our best defense :).

This photo speaks for itself…semoga bermanfaat



#stayhealthy –

with Nina Mardiyah, Asrina, Stephanie, Suci, maya, Sartika, Dini, Dv, Endah, Olivia, Selvi, Riska , and Nita at Rumah Putri&Aby😘

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Lucky me….


It’s not easy at all when you can’t move around after the mastectomy, especially busy bee like me. And most of the time, after being discharged from the hospital, I need more helps from others even for simple things like changing clothes or piling enough pillows on my bed. It can be frustrating sometimes, again if you are always active or being the master of your own house and your own body. Well, I just had to be a bit more patience  🙂 and heal perfectly.

And despite the fact that I have a nice visiting nurse coming to my house, I still have the best nurse ever around.  Who else but my lovely hubby :).  I ♥ u soooo pak 🙂

Just had my bandage changed with the fresh one by the best nurse in the world…

Merciiii Bapak Rudi Frakarsa ♡♡♡♡♡….

– with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Astoria, NY

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