Snacking oranges…

Does your kid love eating fruits?

Sometimes parents struggle to introduce and make their children love eating fruits and vegetables. But fortunately, that’s not our case. Bo et Obi love fruits so much, though I still have ti struggle more with vegetables, especially the green ones.



so afternoon is always the perfect time for grabbing some fruit stocks.

Look who’s learning Spanish with Dora and munching sweet oranges… yuuup, my Obi 🙂

Kids nowadays :). Gayanya itu lhooo… Just like Sheldon.. “mama, it’s my spot”.. Helloooow, it’s my favorite sofa, too …

– with Rudi, Fina, Fajar, Arie, and Obi at Astoria, NY

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Redlicious strawberries….

I love fruits….I really do 🙂

Especially as I try to follow the regime of food combining (can I actually call it a regime? sounds so obnoxious 🙂 )…And this summer, I am abundantly showered with love ♥♥, ehmm fruit, I mean 🙂

Like this one…redlicious strawberries

Sarapan yuuuuk…

Yumm yumm’s the season already and let’s have a healthy daaay, shall we :)… #fruitgloriousfruit #yumyuum

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