Kapan kita snorkeling lagi ma…

I feel you, Bo…

We have the same longing feeling to the deep blue sea..

Pertanyaan Bo cuma satu: kapan kita snorkeling lagi ma… sabar ya naaak…hopefully soon :))..aamiin..


When we arrived at Rockaway Beach, we instantly noticed that the water will be too cold for us to swim. The wind was cold as well and although the sun was shining.

Guess we just have to wait for a brighter day….and after Ramadhan as well.

Hanging there, love…

– with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Rockaway Beach

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Obi @UNHQ …

Cheeers yooo :))…’

Jadi ceritanya Obi pengen ikut mama ke UN..untungnya lagi ngg ada sidang, so she can come with me peacefully. Then we just took a quick tour, as I was in the UN to escort one of our guests from Jakarta who needed to do his research at the UN Library.

This is actually part of the souvenir shop,.

But perhaps, noting the high demand (including from me 🙂 ) for perfect photo spot here without entering the meeting rooms, these UN logo and flag have been strategically placed here..

And percaya ngga, we do have a line-up, too ;p – ternyata rame juga lhooo yang pengen berpose dan difoto di sini, sebelum dilanjutkan dengan acara belanja souvenir khas UN di pojokan :).

So, mohon iziiin…kami foto dulu yaaa  ♥


with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at United Nations

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Will I got a shot today, maman?

2nd trip to the pediatrics this week…. Yaaaay…

We are completing our immunization cards :)..

And the question for today is: Will I got a shot, maman?

They both look happy with all the toys, books, colorful decor et even kids’ movie in every room. Kids’ dreamy place indeed ♥ … but taking kids to the pediatrics can be tricky sometimes, especially since they now that there will be some treatment that they have to go through, including having a shot ..

But Bo et Obi were quite bubbly today, voluntarily coming with me even though they know they’ll gona have some shots.

So this happy picture is taken with all smiles :).   That’s, of course, before the shots 🙂 –

with Chiara, Vivi, Fina, Mediodecci, Nadia, Rudi, Fajar, Arie, Indri, and Yvonne at Dr. Yu – Pediatricians

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Going somewhere, Bang?

Going somewhere, Bang? Wait for us….

Oh the joy of roaming freely in a wide space  :).

After being ‘cramped’ in our temporary apartment during the weekdays, we managed to go out and had the liberty of roaming around with the kids :). Good thing that they just have their new scooters…and off we go to the park again 🙂

#weekend #latepost #boetobi #scooter – with Rudi, Fina, Fajar, Nadia, Arie, Bo, and Obi at Grand Central Station

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Our second Sunday in the Big Apple…

Nice and warm..

That’s our second Sunday in New York City :). How time flies! And summer is definitely comiiing..yaay…

As we were very tired after a lovely courtesy call to the Ambassador’s residence the day before (with a complete Japanese tea ceremony! ), we decided to take it easy on Sunday. Just waking up late, relaxing and finally we decided to go out.

And there we were…walking along the East River Esplanade with #boetobi #weekend –

with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at East River Esplanade

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Ma colorful turtle..

😇😘💜 my favorite turtle at the UN, lovely gift from Panama…

Okay…. I have to admit that I might sound like a broken record, but I miss diving..terribly…

Btw, have you been to the UN headquarter here in New York? Despite my constant whining on diving, I just like to recommend anyone coming to NY to take some time to visit this lovely and historical building.

So many beautiful art works ..including from Indonesia…I’ll write it separately btw, about Indonesian Lounge at the UN HQ. How cool is that :)..

And the one above is one of the artworks donated to the UN by states, particularly Panama. Lovely isn’t it. It comes in a huge size, but I just take the turtle part because I miss swimming with turtles…

Again…I miss diving #longsigh…

“Tho’ I miss swimming together the original ones, terribly 😢😭 #kangendiving #baladajauh #mulaiii –


with Chiara, Vivi, Fina, Mediodecci, Nadia, Rudi, Fajar, Arie, Rima, Indri, Lita, Nona, Anang, and Judith at United Nations Headquarters

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