It’s getting cold in hereeeee….

Good morniiiiing. ..
It’s freeziiiiing down hereeeee..
❄❄❄❄ –

Sepertinya, hari ini adalah hari yang paling dingin..Minus 14 sajaaa saudara-saudaraaaa ;o. Untungnya kami semua sudah siap. Yuuup, suka tidak suka, winter is here to stay, so better get ready, people :).

Minggu sesudah natal kami sekeluarga sudah melengkapi winter gear yang ada. Mulai dari thermal underwear, insulated jacket, gloves and beanies, sampai kaos kaki extra hangat. Benar-benar membantu lhoooo.

And frankly, winter di NYC beda deeeh rasanya dengan winter di Jenewa. Walaupun Swiss notabene dikelilingi pegunungan salju juga, tapi winter di Jenewa jarang dihiasi dengan angin yang merontokkan tulang seperti di NYC. Mungkin karena NYC memang dikelilingi sumber air alias sungai yang besar-besar seperti Hudson and East river, sementara Jenewa hanya ada Lac leman (yang super besar juga sebenernya). Entahlah..yang pasti , kesimpulannya winter di Jenewa lebih hangat :).

Well, mari kita nikmati winter pertama di NYC ini 🙂

with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Astoria Neighborhood Run

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Sasirangan and hospital dress :)

My Sasirangan skirt and sneakers match the hospital linen :). It’s greeny day indeed.

Do you know what Sasirangan is? It is one of the traditional hand-made fabrics of Kalimantan. I got it in Banjarmasin, in one of my visits to the land of Borneo. I picked teal color as I have too many purple already. And here it is, I made it a skirt and I was wearing it to my chemo today :).

Well, another round of chemo and here I am..ready or not, I have to simply embrace, enjoy and get it through..

#NYUCancerCenter – with Rudi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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Home work time: Obi’s thanksgiving plate :)

Continuing our homework saga :)…Bo is certainly not the only one having homework during this Thanksgiving holiday 🙂

As Bo was busy exploring Egypt, meanwhile, Obi’s homework is rather more appealing and delicious….drawing thanksgiving plates, assisted by Bapak 🙂

Well, we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving…at least for now. But it’s good to be thankful for all the good things that have been bestowed upon us. No matter how simple they are. And a great plate of good food will always be welcomed 🙂

That roasted turkey indeed looks delicious, dek..
🍗🍗🍗 – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Astoria crib

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Home work time : Bo’s travel brochure (1)

Page one of Bo’s travel brochure 😊☺😆
The land of the pharaohs is indeed fascinating. .we’re having fun reminiscing our trip here in 2010 :). It was awesome 9 days filled with adventures, fun under the sun and new discoveries of the ancient world :).
Our itchy feet are tingling again now..badly 😅😇😜 – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Astoria Home!

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My Little Snow White…

the photo was a bit shaky in that cold morning 🙂 Have fuuuun Obi…

Ms. Snow white is ready for action :). 

Together with her class, Obi will be out for an hour in the surrounding areas, snatching candies and chocolate 🙂

So, yeaah…the UPK will celebrate halloween with a little out-of-the-class tour wearing costumes. That includes the teachers as well :). Then they sent the letter asking for permission whether the kids can come to school wearing costumes and whether they can go out and have some candies. We have to return the form to the class so that they can start enjoying the day. Like many of the girls, Obi was a bit obsessed with Elsa and Anna from Frozen, actually. But knowing the popularity of this character, I imagined there would be tons of Elsa marching together :). So, after a nice, sweet talk with Obi, she finally agreed to be Snow White this time. And I can say she wore it well, with her wavy black hair and pretty hair ribbon. Looks like we have made a great choice ♥

I hope you’re warm enough for the walk, love ..

Have fuuun.. – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi

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Brrr…cold mornings have arriveeed….

Brrrrrr… cold morning indeed…

It finally hits the single digit in it’s still October, dude..Still those beautiful fall weather…

My oooh my, I can’t imagine how cold it will be this winter :((.

But gotta get up, take the kids to school, despite my horrible nausea et fatigue … I just manage to have my third chemo and it gets harder and harder each time. Perhaps, after a while, all those toxic have just stayed in my body and refused to go away. But, if that’s what it takes to kill all those cancer cells, let’s hit it!

Well, haruuuuus semangaaat pokoknya. ..kayak abang Bo sekolah yaaa, penuh semangat, cerah ceria dan seruuuuu  ♡♡♡♡

– with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at Public School 122

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My chemo jewelry parade :)

Well, first of all, nothing fun about chemotherapy, but you can certainly vamp it up a little bit. Especially in my case, where the third chemo is right around the corner and I have to go through it, for sure.

So, the color for today is pink (with a touch of purple of course 🙂 ). I got my pink dress, my pink bag and I’m glad I have my fave beaded bracelets today ;). They look pretty much like one of those lovely hand-made beads from home but I actually got them here.

Okay, happy chemo day 🙂

#chemo #breastcancer – with Rudi, Bo, and Obi at NYU Clinical Cancer Center

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