Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent…

I can’t help but uploading this photo right away here

Descent, this week’s weekly photo challenge, is what represents this photo I freely took while my little brother enjoyed his skin diving at Kelagian island, Lampung, in our home town. Descending almost to the bottom of the sea…

How I miss my family and the deep blue sea 🙂

At the bottom of Kelagian island, Lampung

At the bottom of Kelagian island, Lampung















Here are some of the entry you might be interested to see 🙂







Snorkeling @ Tanjung Putus

Heboooh aja liat foto snorkeling rame2 kemaren 😇😘😜 .. –

Belum lagi yang foto narsis hehehe..but this one is the eel that I found in one corner of Tanjung Putus…

with Fina, Mediodecci, Nadia, tommy, Rudi, Salina, Fajar, Arie, Nurul, Yasmin, sesha pratama, Indri, Agus Faisal, novie, Anang, and Judith

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