Welcome to Tokyo DisneySea

Enjoying Work From Home and Stay at Home session?

I hope you do.. Because I’m entering the second week of our #SocialDistancing and #WorkFromHome episode.

While have a little more time at hands, I decided to dig up my photo album and voilaaa, I end up with thousands of them, particularly from my smartphone. I have to admit I haven’t really got time to transfer them and now I’m complaining as my phone’s memories are depleting.

So here we go.

A little photo album from my visit to Tokyo Seaworld back in August 2018. I know, right..it’s almost 2 years ago but hey, better late than never! And I really, really enjoyed visiting this theme park! This is my 3rd Disney World I have ever visited after Disneyland in Paris and in Florida. Truly my happy place!

I can share more but I guess I will make it into two posts instead of one :).

Ready to see more? stick around and I will be back for sure!