Welcome to Tokyo Disney Sea 2

Let’s continue our journey to Tokyo Disney Sea, shall we?

So, have I mentioned to you why I choose Tokyo Disney Sea instead of Tokyo Disneyland?

Well, after consulting some friends who have been visiting this place before, they sort of suggested me to go visit the Disney Sea as I have visited other Disneyland before. I have come to the ones in Paris – my first Disneyland ever, and in Florida – the mother of it all :). I have to admit some parks and features on those two Disneyland are similar. But Disney Sea in only available in Tokyo, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong. So I finally decided to go here and hopefully I can come back to Tokyo for another episode of Disneyland mayhem with my kids :).

Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland .. before heading to Tokyo Disney Sea

So, on my way back to Jakarta after almost 5 year assignment in New York City, I chose ANA so that I can have a transit in Tokyo. I stopped at Narita at night, spent some time in the airport waiting for the next morning, and put my luggages at the luggage drop machine you can easily find in the airport. Then from there, I took the train to go to Disneyland, which is not that complicated at all. On the way back to the airport, I took the bus straight to Narita as I was already super exhausted.

Tokyo Disney Sea

There’s a perk of going there early in the morning, as I didn’t really have to wait for too long queueing for the entry ticket. But it was quite packed as it was still summer break. Kids, adults and everyone in between were flocking to this lovely theme park.

Well, let me share more photos from Tokyo Disney Sea. In short, I have tons of fun there and I want to go back there soon with Udi, Bo et Obi. Amen to that, please :).

Welcome to Tokyo DisneySea

Enjoying Work From Home and Stay at Home session?

I hope you do.. Because I’m entering the second week of our #SocialDistancing and #WorkFromHome episode.

While have a little more time at hands, I decided to dig up my photo album and voilaaa, I end up with thousands of them, particularly from my smartphone. I have to admit I haven’t really got time to transfer them and now I’m complaining as my phone’s memories are depleting.

So here we go.

A little photo album from my visit to Tokyo Seaworld back in August 2018. I know, right..it’s almost 2 years ago but hey, better late than never! And I really, really enjoyed visiting this theme park! This is my 3rd Disney World I have ever visited after Disneyland in Paris and in Florida. Truly my happy place!

I can share more but I guess I will make it into two posts instead of one :).

Ready to see more? stick around and I will be back for sure!